Coloring Springtime Is... (coloring and activity book)
Leah Vis - Author

Coloring Springtime Is... (coloring and activity book)

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Based on the children’s book Springtime Is..., this is a special book that will soon include your own ideas and creativity.

You will find coloring pages from the original book along with pages for you to add in your thoughts and pictures of what “Springtime Is...”

When Springtime arrives, your family has the opportunity to watch the world wake up from a winter sleep.

It is a time of wonder, but sometimes it's easy to miss all the little events taking place right in front of our eyes. This sweet children's book is full of simple illustrations to help you and your children pause and discover. Bask in the miracles that occur every year: new life, abundant wildflowers, migrating animals finding their way home, new ideas, and so much more...

Gather your family, snuggle up by a window, and dive into this this activity book as a celebration of Springtime.