20 hardcover books - Our Heaven Baby
Our Heaven Baby

20 hardcover books - Our Heaven Baby

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20 hardcover books of Our Heaven Baby is perfect for an organization, hospital, ministry or an individual who wants to hand them out to people.

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A story of miscarriage and the hope of Heaven through the eyes of a child…

Told from his perspective, five-year-old Abel and his little sister are so excited to have a new baby! But soon Mommy tells them the sad news that she has had a miscarriage. The baby is now in Heaven with Jesus. Wait . . . Heaven? 

They've never known anyone in Heaven before, and they begin to dream about what their baby must be experiencing: dancing with Jesus, lots of children, and what about dinosaurs?

Author Leah Vis experienced three miscarriages and understands the confusion, sadness, and grief that follows miscarriage. In her journey she found that focusing on Heaven brought great peace and hope.

Honest, Hopeful, and Full of Wonder

As one reader puts it, "I am amazed that a picture book can so delicately and delightfully approach such a large topic. A must have for your bookshelf, especially true for children that have already experienced a loss."

Another reader says, "The first time I read this book I cried. Leah does an amazing job capturing the sadness of loss, a child's imagination and carefree joy, and the wonderful promise of eternal life in Heaven that we have through Christ."

This book will be a ray of hope for adults and children whether your loss is recent or several years ago.